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Bush Bash Recordings is a record label in London, dedicated to producing amazing music. 

We are a record label dedicated to developing & nurturing talent. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, we want to give up & coming artists an opportunity to make something of themselves. Unlike most record labels, we truly believe in supporting the artists personal development, professional growth and success. 

Our community of artists are able to come and visit our boutique recording and mixing studio in West London, where we have a great selection of equipment. 

Affiliated Artists:


ANR is a creative freestyle artist raised in South London he is a passionate artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of music. He is the pioneer of Frill which is an adaptation of drill with a soulful fun playful twist. 

The self titled “King of Frill” is on a musical mission to spread his vibes across the globe and is currently working with talented likeminded musicians to develop his new sound.

The King of Frill is here !

Black Rose

Black Rose is a London based Performing Artist. She is passionate about writing and performing all genres of music. Her musical influences derive from her cultural heritage and current musical trends like Beyonce, Cardi B Nicki Minaj and Megan Stallion. Black Rose has an incredible stage presence. This has played a major role in distinguishing her from other artists.

As a published model she has gained invaluable experience over the years allowing her to have a successful Modelling Agency. 

Black Rose is now the CEO of one the top modelling agencies for video and photoshoots in the U.K.


Andre Drackett also known as Drassick is a British MC; he is also a successful Model and Actor from North London. His sound is a mix of smooth RNB and Hip-Hop, which appeals to his vast female audience. 

He has been working on his craft since the early Millennium and has collaborated with the Fanatix, Killa P and MC Bushkin to name a few, he has also released a string of singles and mix tape thus far. 

Drassick’s latest mix tape Rise and Grind has been well received by his legion of loyal fans and has left them anticipating more This has set the scene for his new mix tape which is due in2021 and is rumoured to feature some very special guests WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Kaybee Miller

Kaybee Miller is a British multi talented singer, songwriter, recording engineer and producer.

Kaybee developed a passion for music at a young age whilst performing in local venues with her father, Keith Miller. As a teenager she focused on Sound Engineering. Kaybee went on to study music technology at college and gained a degree in music production at university.

Through word of mouth and networking, Kaybee has worked with a number of established studios gaining invaluable practical experience in all forms of musical production. 

Now turning the focusing on herself as an artist 2021 is set to be a very exciting year for Kaybee

MC Bushkin

Bushkin is The founder and front man of the Infamous group the heartless crew, known for their groundbreaking UK garage sound chart success and being the founders of UK grime music. 


During their peek the talented trio toured outside the UK and introduced UK Garage/Grime to the world, whilst sharing the stage with many internationally acclaimed artists. This later earned them a MOBO nomination and a UMA award for their contribution to music.


Now focused on his solo career as a recording artist, Bushkin’s undeniable charm makes him stand out from everyone else. His thought provoking lyrics, poignant delivery and energetic personality make him impossible to pigeonhole and extremely unique.


Although humbled by his accomplishments thus far, Bushkin hopes that through his new music and working with new artists on his label, BUSHBASH RECORDINGS, listeners and clubbers alike will feel his energy, passion and vision for music. The future is looking ‘Absolutely good you know!’


Mimi Mxnroe says she is ready to take the Uk rap scene by the scruff of the neck and we believe her!
Hailing from south London this rapper has a raw and untamed style that is reminiscent of an era where having a great pen game was an art form
‘the bottoms of my shoes are like CSI, they hit me in my DM’s and I don’t reply, the squads dressed to kill that’s a homicide’ 
Punchlines, delivery and conviction are a deadly combination and she delivers everytime so we know what to expect when this fiery female posts incoming heat on her insta  so look forward to a flood of Mimi Mxnroe bangers over the next 12 months

Omilly London

My name is Omilly. I am a Rapper raised in Tottenham North London. I am often told I’m a unique individual. 

My lyrics represent who I am and where I come from. I am inspired by my own experiences and the situations I’ve been though, these experiences are expressed in the content of my lyrics. 

My music, like me isn’t ordinary 

My music is my LIFE ....... Real Talk


Renee also known as Renzo is singer/songwriter and former beauty model. She has a sexy raw original RNB sound. 

Renee was inspired by performers like Micheal Jackson and Beyonce who are both iconic stage performers and like them both she uses dance as a way to express and heighten her musical offering. 


In the early days Renee attended open mic nights across Central London, striving to find her voice & push her natural ability to perform as the artist she knew she could be. 


After being featured on BBC Radio in 2020; Renee is considered one of UKs best kept secrets and we're about to find out why. 


Be prepared for some seriously sexy soul and stunning visuals !

Sweet P

Some say he's musics best kept secret…


Some call him the RNB gentleman... 


Coming from humble beginnings there wasn't much to do apart from singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush as a mic was a way to stay entertained and out of trouble - this was the beginning of Sweet P’s dream. 


“Church was the first actual place I saw the connection of passion and expression in music.. When people sang they could forget everything and just truly express yourself in that moment.” 


Home played an important role just like Church, a lively household stimulated 

his musical education.  At home, ” One minute I would hear someone like LL cool J then from the same stereo would be Motown , Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley,  Queen , Tupac, Micheal Jackson , the Beatles”. Sweet P found himself amazed by how different artists could express different emotions. After several talent shows and working remotely on music in the USA & Jamaica, after which  Sweet P began writing for different artists in the UK and globally. 


Overtime, he’s developed his own signature sound, ready for the world to listen to. This story begins with watch this space…  "I just wanna make music that makes people smile, love, cry creating a soundtrack for their life ."     

Spaceboy Po

Nathan Stevenson also known by the stage name SpaceBoy Po is from Hackney, East London. He’s a rapper, singer and songwriter. His musical journey began in 1995 aged 8 listening to Garage outfits such as the Heartless Crew, So Solid crew and Pay as you go.


In his teenage years he regularly entered talent contests and lyrical battles which allowed him to gain confidence and refine his craft in front of an audience.


In 2017 Spaceboy Po released “More Than An Artist” his first mix tape which showcased his unique lyrical talent and raised his vibration among fans and fellow artists.


Spaceboy is now focused on developing new music at Bushbash Recordings.


He is ready to show the world his crazy talent and etch himself in the history books at the same time. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for 

Spaceboy Po - The Outta Galactic One!

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